Hania Albraikan is a fashion designer and businesswomen at heart. After gaining a bachelor degree in Economics, Hania went on to study the creative disciplines of photography and fashion.  In June 2011 Hania began consulting for her family’s Abaya business in the design stages before launching her own line – HANIA – as part of her family’s company.  HANIA now stands as a brand that encapsulates everything that a confident, ambitious and bold woman could want in a collection of clothing.

Hania was interested in fashion and design from a young age and was always supported and encouraged to pursue her passion by her parents. Taking inspiration from every aspect of life and from the different cultures of the numerous countries that she has now visited, she uses what she learns to enrich her own skills and constantly keeps at the forefront of the luxury fashion industry. This is something that has been proven true as she began building her brand on the back of the families declining business and now has a hugely successful store in Riyadh as well as having dressed some of the most prominent women around; including Princess Ameerah, the wife of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

Within one year, Hania has achieved an extraordinary amount of success and has a huge fan-base for her luxurious Abaya designs. Her elite clientele come to her looking for bespoke and dramatic items that allow them to dress confidently without sacrificing style and each customer that visits the HANIA store is guaranteed to find something that will match her taste and personal preference. She uses only the finest materials that she sources from all over the world and spends a great deal of time making each design completely perfect in order that her collections are both new and special.

Hania Abayas were first sold at Saks Fifth Avenue, Riyadh and are also available at Harvey Nichols, Riyadh. HANIA was also selected by the Khaleji TV series’ “Al Sultana” producer to be the sponsor for actors’ Abaya (the series will be shown next Ramadan at Dubai, Rotana and on the MBC 1 channel).